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eBay Stores

About eBay stores: Some Ebay members are casual sellers who use Ebay to sell their used or unwanted stuff. These sellers may list one or two items for sale on Ebay once a month, paying a small insertion fee and final value fee if the item sells. For other Ebay members, Ebay is an additional sales channel, where they can list their products for sale, and find new customers. Ebay stores are a cost effective and convenient option for sellers with a large number of Ebay listings.

eBay stores features

While some features of an Ebay store are country specific , others like a convenient interface for managing all listings and sales are common to all Ebay stores. To start an Ebay store, the seller has to select the name of the store and check its availability. Often some popular store names are not available. A url cannot be used as a store name, though this is not implemented very strictly.
A member has to pay a fixed monthly fee for starting and running a store. Members with a store have to pay a lower insertion fee for each listing, though the pricing may vary. Some versions of Ebay may charge offer a 60% discount on listings to store members, while others do not charge an insertion fee for 50 or 100 listings.

Ebay stores allow users to categorize their listings into different categories based on the product specifications. This makes it convenient for potential buyers to browse all the products in a particular category to find the most suitable option. Detailed analytics are available for ebay store subscribers, enabling them to find top selling products and services easily. It also helps them review the products which are not being sold, and either end the listing or send the product to an auction to find the price buyers are willing to pay for the product.

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