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eBay Australia

Ebay Australia is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world where sellers can list a variety of new and used products for sale. Ebay is popular with buyers because niche products, which are not available in conventional retail stores are listed for sale, and many products are available at prices which are significantly lower than the retail prices at local stores. Rare collectible items can be found on Ebay.

One of the biggest disadvantages of buying online is the risk that the seller may not ship the item after the buyer makes the payment, since the buyer and seller may be located in different states or countries, and taking legal action can be very expensive. This risk is greatly reduced while selling and buying on Ebay, since the buyer can easily file a dispute if the item is not received and get his or her money back. The feedback system on Ebay which allows buyers to rate sellers, helps buyers choose between multiple sellers, who may be offering similar products at the same price.

Since every country uses differnt currency , and has different rules and regulations, Ebay has country specific versions like ebay australia, ebay uk, ebay india, ebay canada which cater to the buyers and sellers in that particular country. For items listed at ebay australia , Paypal is used for payment for most products , and payments through Paypal are covered by the Paypal buyer protection. In case the buyer does not receive payment, a dispute can be filed, putting the onus on the seller to provide proof that the item has been shipped to the seller. Other payment options offered to buyers on ebay are money order/bank cheque, bank deposit, personal cheque, however these are not covered by buyer protection on Ebay

At ebay australia, items are listed for sale with pricing in australian dollars. The fashion gallery, jewellery and watches, women’s clothing are some of the most popular categories at ebay australia. Shoes, digital cameras, phones, sunglasses, games are other products which are in demand. Like other versions of ebay, the electronics deals section has phones, displays, data storage devices and laptops listed for sale at discounted prices. Some sellers may offer standard shipping free, but may charge an additional price for express shipping.

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